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We offer realtime capabilities upon request utilizing the newest Ipad technology. This allows the attorneys in the deposition to securely stream the transcript on their screen.


We cover every deposition from simple car accident cases to asbestos and maritime. We also provide video upon request and have a conference room available for depositions at our office.


We endeavor to utilize the latest technology, both within our office and in the field. Efficient scheduling software and accomodating paperless firms are just the beginning of what we offer.

What makes us different?

Amerson White founded the concept of working with other professionals in our field to share work in order to provide a larger firm’s product with a smaller firm‘s personal, caring touch. As a firm that consists solely of machine stenographers, we are a service provider whose priority is producing the final transcript expeditiously. In 2005, we were a business of only five years that survived the wave of Katrina. We kept a promise to our court reporters to take care of them in tough times and also sought our clients out to let them know we were there for them. Additionally, we work closely with local court reporting schools to offer internships to hopeful court reporting students in order to sustain their passion for this remarkable profession.

This is a firm that thinks only of the future in a time that is technology driven; keeping up with all of the new ideas that help our office run smoothly and meet the needs for litigation. Trained professionals in our office, who have been with us for a total of 12 years, face the challenges of every day while keeping a good attitude and providing whatever is needed.

Our firm, and all of the court reporters that work for and with us, strive to obey all the laws that keep us in compliance with laws regarding contracting and many other issues. In an era of the court reporting world rapidly changing, Amerson White endeavors to capitalize on the ebb and flow to remain an ever present service to all who need us.