Belinda Amerson (CCR)

Belinda Amerson (CCR) - Reporters

After attending Southeastern Louisiana University and majoring in Criminal Justice for three years, I decided to pursue a career in court reporting. I attended Franklin College of Court Reporting in Metairie and received my state certification as a machine writer in 1996. I worked with a firm in New Orleans, Louisiana for five years and then proceeded to open a firm with my business partner. As a reporter, I have taken part in depositions that involved transcribing various types of witnesses encompassing simple cases to the most complex. My extensive court reporting experience has entailed travel all across the country. The experiences that I have garnered from my travels are an invaluable asset that have bolstered my appreciation for this remarkable profession. The clients that I have had the priviledge of working with supply an endless opportunity to further hone my craft and fuel my fervor to provide professional excellence. This is my dream job!

Cherie White (CCR, RPR, CSR)

Cherie White (CCR, RPR, CSR) - Reporters

Upon passing the national and state certifications in 1996 as a machine writer, I entered the world of court reporting. Within five years of working for a large firm, my partner and I gained enough clients to start our own court reporting firm, Amerson White. Court reporting has given me the opportunity to learn more than I could have from a conventional education. Every day as a freelance reporter, I have had the privilege of documenting cases encompassing subject matter involving auto accident insurance, flooded homes, intricate construction issues, and complex 18-wheeler cases. This marvelous career finds me flying to London, listening to the British accents of Lloyds London representatives for two weeks and then driving to north Louisiana thereafter. The myriad of dialects a reporter navigates can be daunting, but my many years of experience have afforded me the opportunity to enjoy an Indian expert talk about pharmacological formulas on one day and then spend a Saturday listening to a French doctor talk about the study of life-threatening diseases. My latest adventure is realtime via iPad. Currently, I am the only reporter that is offering this service. I have mastered the technology to accommodate numerous attorneys in a deposition. This is my world of court reporting!

Anna Coates (CCR, RPR)

Anna Coates (CCR, RPR) - Reporters

I have been a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) since 2001 and a Certified Court Reporter (CCR) since 1997, and was Texas certified by the Supreme Court of Texas (CSR) from 2002 through 2003. My extensive career does not involve litigation matters soley. I provide closed-captioning services for deaf students at both LSU and SLU campuses from 1996 through 1997. As an accomplished stenographer for more than 16 years, I have participated in depositions involving a variety of casework, including, but not limited to, abestos, medical review panels, civil, criminal, family, medical and accident cases for the State of Louisiana. Additionally, I have performed services in both family and criminal court for Amarillo and Lubbock counties for the state of Texas. I have enjoyed working with Amerson White for the past 10 years.

Jennifer Andrews (CCR, RPR)

Jennifer Andrews (CCR, RPR) - Reporters

I have been a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) and Certified Court Reporter (CCR) since 1999. As a stenographer for more than 14 years, I have taken part in depositions involving accident, civil, criminal, family, medical, asbestos and hurricane litigation. I enjoy the variety of casework that my valuable clients have afforded me. The past five years with Amerson White has only expanded my pleasureable work experience.

Cynthia Grijalva (CCR, RPR)

After attending the Court Reporting Institute of Houston, I transferred to the Court Reporting Institute of Louisiana and graduated in 2009. I then interned with Amerson White from 2009 through 2011 while obtaining my certification from The National Court Reporter’s Association and the State of Louisiana. I became a nationally and state certified reporter in 2011. As a bilingual reporter, I have enjoyed extensive exposure to a myriad of casework during my working relationship with Amerson White, including, but not limited to, asbestos, personal injury, accident, criminal, civil and coastal litigation.

Theresa Tumulty (CCR)

I started my career providing closed captioning to hearing impaired college students at SLU and LSU. I obtained my CCR certification in 1996 and went to work for firms in New Orleans and Covington as a freelance reporter. In 1999, I was hired by the 21st Judicial District Court Section "G" as an Official Reporter. My Judge liked to brag that he had more trials that all the other judges and that I was the beneficiary of that experience. My trial experience includes hundreds of criminal jury trials, including a capital first degree murder case which lasted 3 weeks. Along with the criminal trials, I have had numerous civil and family court cases. In 2014, I returned to freelance reporting and am now with Amerson White Court Reporting in Hammond, Louisiana.